The Wrap – Day 3 – thank you and goodbye!

18 11 2011

Picture of newspapersThis is the last post from the conference team. We hope you’ve enjoyed the conference and found the keynotes, papers, commentaries and other materials useful and the discussions stimulating. Thank you for your participation.

If you had trouble viewing any of the videos, we’ve since added audio recordings (alongside the slides), which should be compatible with any computer. This is relevant to Prof. Hendry’s keynote, linked to below, and to Prof. Stanley’s keynote.

The best comment for Day 2 was awarded to Margaret Giles, for her comment on Prof. Viscui’s paper on Value of Statistical Life. Here’s a summary of what else happened on the last day of the conference: Read the rest of this entry »

Winning Comment – Day 3

21 11 2011

Image of medalWe’re delighted to announce the winner of the third and final “comment of the day” award: Aldona Zawojska, who commented on David Hendry‘s keynote Trends in Econometrics.

Aldona offers some thoughtful insights coming from David Hendry’s keynote and asks some interesting questions. David Hendry acknowledges Aldona’s comment to be interesting in his reply.

Congratulations to Aldona Zawojska, who receives $75/£50 worth of Wiley books!

Reminder: Book Discount

18 11 2011

Image of book coverDelegates will receive a 20% discount code on books available at in the post-conference email. To receive the email (and discount code), please register with the conference, if you haven’t done so already.

Wiley publishes an extensive programme of economics and econometrics books, which you can browse on our economics pages; titles include A Companion to Economic Forecasting, co-edited by today’s keynote lecturer, Prof. David Hendry.

Workshop: The Future of Publishing

18 11 2011

Image of silver starPresenter: Philip Carpenter, Wiley-Blackwell

Full title: The Future of Publishing

To listen to this workshop – examining the shape of things to come in social science publishing – click on the “play” button below-left. You can leave a response in the comments box at the foot of this page or by clicking on the grey bar along the bottom of the soundcloud player below. Read the rest of this entry »

Poll: Economics app?

18 11 2011

We would like to know…

Workshop: Bibliometrics / Rankometrics

18 11 2011

Image of silver starPresenter: Les Oxley, University of Canterbury

Full Title: A Workshop on “Rankometrics”: or what’s good and what’s downright dangerous about using bibliometrics

To follow Prof. Oxley’s workshop, click on the “play” button below to begin. By clicking on the symbol in the bottom-right corner of the slideshare player (the four arrows pointing outwards), you can see the presentation in full screen, which will improve legibility of some slides that carry tables.

Please do – as always – leave your responses to the workshop in the comments box at the foot of this post. We will be awarding one more “comment of the day” awards before the end of the conference: Wiley books worth £50/$75. Read the rest of this entry »

Keynotes – audio

18 11 2011

Image of red starA quick update for all those who have had problems watching the videos for the  keynotes by Profs Stanley and Hendry. We have now uploaded separate audio files and added those files at the foot of the original keynote pages. The slides for the keynotes can be downloaded separately on those same pages.

Apologies to those who have experienced technical problems.