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16 05 2011

The Wiley Economics Online Conference – presented in co-operation with Journal of Economic Surveys – runs from 16-18 November and is free and open to all.

“Communications with Economists” sets out to challenge the fragmentation of the economics discipline.

Leading experts present research from within their areas of specialization, with a view to broadening the exchange of ideas to the wider economics profession, as well as to policymakers and financial journalists. The focus is on current topics that are at the forefront of particular areas and on emerging trends that will shape the future.

The conference is headlined by three video keynotes:

  • Professor Sir David Hendry on justifying empirical macro-econometric evidence
  • Professor Charles Noussoir on explaining and communicating economics research to economists
  • Professor Tom Stanley on laboratory experiments

There will be a further five papers with invited commentaries (with topics ranging from happiness economics to monetary economics), workshops on publishing, a reading room with free access to related journal articles, discounts on Wiley books and more. Keynote speakers, discussants, authors and delegates will engage in discussion on the conference website.

“Communications with Economists” is free to access and open to all – register now to join the debate.



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