Abstract: Alm and Banzhaf, Designing Economics Instruments

2 11 2011

With only two weeks to go until the start of the conference, we’re excited to release the abstract for the first of our invited papers, James Alm and H. Spencer Banzhaf’s “Designing Economics Instruments for the Environment in a Decentralised Fiscal System“:

When external effects are important, markets will be inefficient, and economists have considered several broad classes of economic instruments to correct these inefficiencies. However, the standard economic analysis has tended to take the region, and the government, as a given; that is, this work has neglected important distinctions and interactions between the geographic scope of different pollutants, the enforcement authority of various levels of government, and the fiscal responsibilities of the various levels of government. It typically ignores the possibility that the externality may be created and addressed by local governments, and it does not consider the implications of decentralization for the design of economic instruments targeted at environmental problems. This paper examines the implications of decentralization for the design of corrective policies; that is, how does one design economic instruments in a decentralized fiscal system in which externalities exist at the local level and in which subnational governments have the power to provide local public services and to choose tax instruments that can both finance these expenditures and correct the market failures of externalities?

The full paper and invited responses will be released on the first day of the conference, Wednesday 16 November, and all conference delegates will have the opportunity to engage in discussion of the topics raised. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing further abstracts and other “teaser content”, so be sure to register and sign up for email alerts or RSS feed to the right.



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4 11 2011
Jean Baptiste Yannick SAMBOU

i am senegalese (west africa) from Gaston Berger university and i make research on economic instruments for waste disposal and processing in senegalese local communities. Your paper will be very important for me so i wan’t to know where i can obtain it after.

4 11 2011
Anton Viesel

Thank you for your comment. All the papers will be availble on this conference website from 16 November onwards. We look forward to your participation.

16 11 2011
Sanjeev kumar

Hi I m Sanjeev kumar from India, mine interest in environmental economics and policy so ur paper is very useful for me…kindly tell me how can i get paper…i wanna discus with author about Decentralized Fiscal system …

16 11 2011

Thank you for your interest in the conference. The papers will be released at different time throughout the next three days. Check out the Conference Programme (click the link on the right of the page) to find out.

16 11 2011
Fahad Mehmood

i am interested to know about the dramatic effects of Eurozone Crisis on Global Economy.

16 11 2011
Jess Huband

Dear Fahad
Thank you for your comment. We are currently compiling a Virtual Issue of free journal articles on the Global Economic Crisis. Once published we will send the information and link to this Virtual Issue to all Wiley Economics Online Conference delegates via a post. Look out for the post!
Best wishes, Jessica

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