Abstract: Arestis and Mihailov, Classifying Monetary Economics

3 11 2011

We’re releasing a second abstract today, for Philip Arestis and Alexander Mihailov‘s paper “Classifying Monetary Economics: Fields and Methods from Past to Future”:

We propose a simple, yet sufficiently encompassing, classification scheme of monetary economics. It comprises three fundamental fields and six recent areas that expand within and across these fields. The elements of our scheme are not found together and in their mutual relationships in earlier studies of the relevant literature; neither does this attempt aim to produce a relatively complete systematization. Our intention in taking stock is not finality or exhaustiveness. We rather suggest a viewpoint and a possible ordering of the accumulating knowledge. Our purpose is to promote discussion on the evolving nature and internal consistency of monetary economics at large.

We’ll be posting a further three abstracts over the coming days, after which there’ll be some radio silence until closer to the start of the conference itself on Wednesday 16 November 2011.



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11 11 2011
Moses Omofaiye

A broad classification of monetary economics will help in reducing confusion and encourage students to study the field

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