Abstract: George MacKerron, Happiness Economics

4 11 2011

We’re making a final three abstracts available today, the first of which is for George MacKerron‘s paper “Happiness Economics from 35,000 feet“:

The economics of happiness, or subjective well being, is an expanding field, with a growing number of applied papers reporting empirical associations between happiness and other variables. This paper takes a broad view of the topic, aiming to provide an outline of the literature in relation to happiness economics’ origins, definitions, theory, methods, applications, critiques, relations with other areas of economic research, political and policy connections, and promising directions for future inquiry.

It’s a highly pertinent topic specifically in the UK, where the Office for National Statistics released its indicators of national well-being (PDF) this Monday, 31 October 2011; the BBC has a story on the ONS document here. We’re looking forward to a good discussion around the paper on Thursday 17 November 2011.



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