Online economics conference starts this week

14 11 2011

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We are very pleased to announce that the 3-day Wiley Economics Online Conference starts this week – on Wednesday 16 November 2011!

To get the most out of the conference, we encourage you to register and sign up for email alerts, check out the conference programme (PDF), spread the word on facebook and twitter (#joes2011), read the book of abstracts and, if you’re unsure about the commenting feature, take a look at our participants’ guide – we’re awarding a daily “best comment” award throughout the conference.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for the three days. The conference is free, available to all, and can, of course, be accessed at any time of day. Feedback is welcome, so if you do have any questions, please contact us on twitter or leave a comment below.



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17 11 2011
Reminder: Book Discount « Wiley Economics Online Conference

[…] at in the post-conference email. To receive the email (and discount code), please register with the conference, if you haven’t done so […]

17 11 2011
Dr. Saima Javaid

Thanks for the valuable tips given by Professor Daron Acemoglu and Professor Fabrizio Zilibotti for getting the research work published.

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