Paper: Designing Economics Instruments

16 11 2011

Image of yellow starAuthors: James Alm, Tulane University and H. Spencer Banzhaf, Georgia State University

Full title: Designing Economics Instruments for the Environment in a Decentralised Fiscal System

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Conference paper: Designing Economics Instruments

We are also delighted to publish two invited commentaries in response to Prof. Alm and Prof. Banzhaf’s paper, by Richard Bird, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and Arik Levinson, Georgetown University.

We warmly welcome your responses to the paper and to Richard Bird’s and Arik Levinson’s commentaries. Please use the comments box at the foot of this post to leave a response – as always, we’re particularly interested in comments that engage substantively with the issues at hand. All comments are moderated.



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16 11 2011
Today’s sessions – Wednesday « Wiley Economics Online Conference

[…] Designing Economics Instruments for the Environment in a Decentralised Fiscal System […]

16 11 2011
Muawya Ahmed Hussein

In developing countries (LDCs) the situation is different, because most of the industry is undertaken by the government. Then in this case how to deal with the sitution of pollution. The public sector is dominant. How to design an Economic Instrument?

16 11 2011
Stanlee Juma

how then are the economic instruments, going to solve already polluted environments?

16 11 2011
The Wrap – Day 1 « Wiley Economics Online Conference

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17 11 2011
Olena Bulatova

In chapter 3.1 it’s noticed that the “local governments have limited powers to borrow or to issue money” and this is especially a problem in former USSR countries. What methods of decreasign the dependecy level of the local authories from the central government in the sphere of finance are the most effective from your point of view?

17 11 2011
Yaroslava Dubenyuk

One of the key feature of modern world economic development is the influence of new, including first of all Internet technologies on all the spheres. The author pointed out that nowadays in all the countries the share of e-trade is constantly increasing, that is resulted in decreasing the tax revenues. This problem is more actual for developing countries. How the central or local governments in developed countries try to solve this problem and is there any examples of using their experience by developing or tansitional economies?

17 11 2011
Olga Zakharova

Decentralization of taxation system is likely to have positives in healthy economic terms. But in terms of economic crisis all the methods of economic regulation are usually changed much. What about the economic crisis 2008-2009? Which countries among eigther developed and developing has taked a versa steps – moved to centralization of taxation system? Has these measures had the necessary results?

17 11 2011
Olga Bezzubchenko

How do you think the taxation system influences on the competitiveness level of the national economy? How can the local small companies still become competitive in terms of transnationalization, when TNC can use the system of the transfet pricing. Thank you for you reply.

17 11 2011
Hrystyna Mityushkina

In developing countries the level of enviromantal pollution is rather high. One of the reason is uneffective taxation system and the system of penalties for pollution. It results in seeking the ways of ecologically dangerous production location by the TNC from the developed countries on their territories. What measures of changing this situation can you offer eigther in order to increase the tax revenues as well as to make some steps to solve the ecological problem?

17 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

The meta analysis is very interesting tool of research. I was wondering if it offers insights on the investigation of regional disparities in publications across the world. Example, I would be interested in identifying the differences of minimum wages and employment relationship for UK, US and Pakistan, is there any tools which I can use to develop a framework for my above proposed area of research. Any comments would be hihgly valuable for my research.

18 11 2011

First of all I express sincere compliments to Professor James Alm and Professor H. Spencer Banzhaf for this excellent article.
As a developing country who implement regional autonomy at level the district and the city since 1999, the impact which immediately visible is the depletion of natural resources without control. This happens because there is no clear legal rules and conspiracy between the rulers and businessmen in the destruction of the environment.
Please help Professor, in conditions like this, what steps should our take in order to improve the quality of natural resources that there are.

Ir. Yusma Damayanti, M.Si
Jambi University
Jambi Province – Indonesia

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