Poll: do you own a smartphone?

16 11 2011

We’d like to know whether you own a smartphone (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry). Please complete our quick poll and let us know.



3 responses

16 11 2011
Abdul Sattar

What’s the purpose of asking this question?
does it indicates some kind of psychological or economic behavior that the Conference stake holders wants to understand?

16 11 2011
Anton Viesel

Online conferences are a new and still relatively untested form of scholarly communication – this is an exciting innovation for us. We’re therefore interested in finding out whether the audience for this online conference would also be interested in other innovative forms of communication that are enabled by new technologies. Smartphones are one of those technologies, hence this rather unscientific poll.

16 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

Plusing Anton,

Know of such issues help in taking the online conferencing beyond those bounderies, limiting one to set in front of his PC, such technologies enabe communication on the go, could be used even more positively and effectively.