The Wrap – Day 1

16 11 2011

Picture of newspapersThis is the last post for today from the conference team, but we’ll continue to moderate and approve comments throughout the day and night. So please do continue to read, watch, listen – and post your responses on the conference site.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve covererd today:

We’re hugely grateful to all delegates, discussants and  presenters who have already taken part in conference discussions – take a look, for example, at the discussions around Prof. Noussair’s keynote or those subsequent to Profs Arestis and Mihailov’s paper – and we look forward to seeing such a high level of engagement continue over the coming days.

If you’re unsure about how to use the site’s commenting feature, please read through the participants’ guide. An easy way to find all the content we’ve published online during the conference is to use the list of categories on the right-hand side, where links take you straight to all the papers, updates, etc. that have been released to date.



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