Paper: Happiness Economics

17 11 2011

Image of yellow starAuthor: George MacKerron, London School of Economics & Political Science

Full title: Happiness Economics from 35,000 Feet

PDF iconTo read this paper, click on the link below.

Conference paper: Happiness Economics from 35,000 Feet

Three invited commentaries are also now available alongside Prof. MacKerron’s paper, by Christopher Barrington-Leigh, McGill University, Mirko Moro, University of Stirling, and Juliet Michaelson, new economics foundation.

We warmly welcome your responses to the paper and to Christopher Barrington-Leigh’s, Mirko Moro’s and Juliet Michaelson’s commentaries. Please use the comments box at the foot of this post to leave a response – as always, we’re particularly interested in comments that engage substantively with the issues at hand. All comments are moderated.



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17 11 2011
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17 11 2011
Levi Pérez (@perezlevi)

Considering the more and more importance of a snappy (and also original) title in survey papers. This is a very good example.

17 11 2011
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18 11 2011

Economics can make live more prosperous, then economics is happiness.

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