Paper: Value of Statistical Life

17 11 2011

Image of yellow starAuthor: Kip Viscusi, Vanderbilt University

Full title: What’s to know? Puzzles in the literature on the value of statistical life

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Conference paper: Value of Statistical Life

An invited commentary is also now available alongside Prof. Viscusi’s paper, by John Fountain, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

We warmly welcome your responses to the paper and to John Fountain’s commentary. We hope you will join in the discussion.



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17 11 2011
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17 11 2011
Muawya Ahmed Hussein

Value of statistical life is very essential and vital in drawing polices, because we can get accurate results. But the question is that, not every phenomenon in social life can be analyzed using statistical and mathematic models.

17 11 2011
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17 11 2011
Margaret Giles

Professor Viscusi, you bring up several important points about the limitations of value of statistical life (VSL) estimates. It seems that these issues deal with potential biases (between stated and revealed preferences) and heterogeneity. These differences would seem to be perfect fodder for a comprehensive meta-regression analysis. If such a MRA were conducted, one could also correct for publication selection bias. In a forthcoming paper, we find that there is considerable publication bias in a subset of hedonic wage estimates of VSL— Doucouliagos, C.(H), Stanley, T.D. and Giles, M. (2012) ‘Are Estimates of the Value of a Statistical Life Exaggerated?’ Journal of Health Economics, forthcoming. Available as Deakin Working Paper No. 2011_2.

Do you believe that publication bias is important in this area of research?

18 11 2011
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18 11 2011
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