Workshop: From Publication to Impact

17 11 2011

Image of silver starPresenter: Anne-Wil Harzing, University of Melbourne

Full title: From Publication to Impact: Using Google Scholar and Publish or Perish to measure research impact

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4 responses

17 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

Excellent information. It seems to some extent at the first sight, that ISI indexed journals have the competitetive edge over non-ISI indexed due to successful marketing strategies of ISI WoS which the non-indexed journals lack. And if it is not the marketing edge of ISI WoS then why many organizations, universities and research institudes prefer to have published research of their members in ISI indexed. Is it the worth of ISI indexing? Also is there any subjective evaluation in publishing in ISI and Non-ISI journals. In my opinion freely available research for others is more important than having my research costly indexed journals which is available to those who can pay the price (Note: The expression above presents an example of subjective preference of one which motivates to publish in a specific journal like, it is FREE available, valued INDEXED journal or SPECIALIZED non-indexed journals). More comments are welcome to highlight such issues in publishing to motivate young researchers of the future.

17 11 2011
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17 11 2011
Muawya Ahmed Hussein

Of course published research has it imact on new researches and citiation should not be the only measure of publication impact. Student, people in industry and those who wants to generate new ideas may benifit from publication

17 11 2011
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