Workshop: How to Survive the Review Process

17 11 2011

Image of silver starPresenter: Greg Maney, Hofstra University

Full title: How to Survive the Review Process

Click on the “play” button to listen to Prof. Maney’s workshop. Let us know your experiences of the review process below.

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You can now read the 2009 transcript of this talk.



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17 11 2011
Thembinkosi Zungu

Thank you for the presentation I feel so young still need to learn more.

17 11 2011
Muawya Ahmed Hussein

valuable contribution is the end of review process. How to build constructive instructions as young reviewer?

17 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

Very encouraging and positive for young researchers in general and first time submitter in particular.

17 11 2011
Livingstone Senyonga

The address on how to survive the review process is very educative. How I wish I would get it in text.
Very encouraging comments and observations given. However, some reviewers ignore the good practices of;1. giving the basis of their criticisms and just rubbish the entire manuscript. 2. The fail to give suggestion on the way forward to the authors to improve their publications or at best to suggest relevant literature to them. Reviewer, may you work towards encouraging people to publish.

18 11 2011
Anton Viesel

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve added a link to the 2009 transcript – you can find the link underneath the audio player for the workshop.

17 11 2011
The Wrap – Day 2 « Wiley Economics Online Conference

[…] Workshop – Maney, How to Survive the Review Process […]

18 11 2011
zaheer khan kakar

really use full suggestions for a and real time problem, which i also faced time and again. however, the point i want to make about the circulating the paper prior to submitting the paper for review is that i have observed a common practice that if you give you paper to some one who is expert of the field the copy the martial or methods, give harsh comments or discourage you as much as you through your paper out of the window and they use your material and methods and make a paper by their own and get it published.

being a research reviewer and being in connect with a number of individuals working as a reviewer, one problem that i have experienced is that many of the reviewers don’t even read the manuscript and they just accept or reject the article by reading the name and even the made the decision by their general observation about the research topic with out going through the piece of paper.

another thing that i observed is that many times the reviewer who don’t have the full expertise in the filled of certain field of study accepts to review the manuscripts and the just use to made the decisions to reject the paper even what out knowing what the researcher is talking about.
i would like to know in such situations what can a researcher do to get his work publish.

19 11 2011
Joanne Flavel

Thanks for your valuable insight. I found the workshop educational and reassuring and will be passing on your advice to my colleagues who have had those unsetting experiences with the review process

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