Poll: Economics app?

18 11 2011

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18 11 2011

i am usually use econometrics software, like Eviews, gretle. cause I’m very interested to understant how the economics affects in the human life and how people responds to that impact and change their behavior according to the economics circumstances, when they tends to consume more and what make them save money or what motivates people for investment, because the economics is very sensitive area just a small details could lead to a huge impact.

18 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

I am using Stata, Eviews, OxMetrics and Microfit to estimate time series and volatility models in Finance, Macroeconomics and other applied Economic subjects. I love all of these app. but prefer Stata as it allow me to do what I need more flexibly for both Macroeconometrics and Microeconometrics ranging from Cross Sectional to Time Series and Panel Data Models.

18 11 2011
Anton Viesel

Thank you for both these comments – it’s very interesting feedback. Are there any economics apps for mobile devices that anyone has found useful?

18 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

One, I know about is “The Economic Times for BlackBerry” and could be found from http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/54009. It provides
– Get the latest and popular business news.
– Share news articles with friends, colleagues, partners via email, Facebook or Twitter
– Profit from Stock Market views and recommendations from Experts
– Latest updates from the Stock Market.
– Manage your investments in Stock Market with ET Portfolio.
– Track the stocks in your Watchlist, Market Gainers, Losers, Movers, etc.

18 11 2011
Muawya Ahmed Hussein

Yes I use econometrics software like SPSS.

19 11 2011

I’m Using E-Views and some times Excel nowadays I’m learning STATA