The Wrap – Day 3 – thank you and goodbye!

18 11 2011

Picture of newspapersThis is the last post from the conference team. We hope you’ve enjoyed the conference and found the keynotes, papers, commentaries and other materials useful and the discussions stimulating. Thank you for your participation.

If you had trouble viewing any of the videos, we’ve since added audio recordings (alongside the slides), which should be compatible with any computer. This is relevant to Prof. Hendry’s keynote, linked to below, and to Prof. Stanley’s keynote.

The best comment for Day 2 was awarded to Margaret Giles, for her comment on Prof. Viscui’s paper on Value of Statistical Life. Here’s a summary of what else happened on the last day of the conference:

A final and particular thank you to Prof.  Les Oxley and Liz Duston of the Journal of Economic Surveys and to Charlotte Stone and Jess Huband of Wiley-Blackwell, who not only made this online conference possible, but ensured it would be such a resounding success.

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18 11 2011

Really thanks for all the organizers and for all colleagues who has participated to make this conference valuable. I propose to organize regularly such online conference. In addition, it will be more interesting if the conference will deal with specific research areas, so that the debate will be more deep. As for the next conference, i suggest to discuss issues related to the social effects of globalization in developing countries.
Once more, thank you for this opportunity.

19 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

Thanks for such a wonderful and exciting conference. It enabled us to continue our routine work and attend the exciting conference when we have finished our lecture. I enjoye to listen to every talk, read every paper and comment of delegates to end my daily work. Thank you again. Waiting for one another opportunity where we have the opportunity to present research as we do it in other conferences.

19 11 2011
Dr. Saima Javaid

Thank you so much for the fantastic online conference and for giving us an opportunity to attend and participate it. Although my major is Finance, but I attend it because Economics is the mother of finance, and the two are quite related.I used to apply many econometric techniques in my studies.I really ve learnt many new things from this conference.I really want to attend it again and again.So, please organize it regularly. Also, Please try to organize online conference in the area of Finance too.

19 11 2011
Margaret Giles

Despite the challenge of the 8 hour time difference, I have found the format and content of this conference excellent. Being able to attend parallel sessions is a first – no need to choose which paper session to attend. Hopefully I will get a reply to my question 🙂

19 11 2011

Thanks for your every effort! It was really an interesting conference.

19 11 2011

I agree with all the comments made positively above except the motivation arrising from the animal nature of mankind which fundamentally imbodied such a chaotic and exploiter complexity of current economy systems. Something must be wrong and contradictory at the very origin of the propositon which directs, so called, “economical animal” to act in agreement with his individual interests. Unless the manifest problem is solved ‘a happiness economy’ is impossible since it demands an ultimate consistency and coherence with all resources and beneficiaries, statistical efforts are restricted to remain within limited extends and to be fragmentary and empirical.
My suggestion is, therefore, that the purpose of such a global debate forum has to be theoretical and interrogating the current system and out comes of it decomposing defining manifest propositions down to the semantical codes which form the pattern of economic behaviors of human beeings and reconstruct it up to a consistent form with offers of the nature.
Practicality is no concern! Main goal is to demonstrate that such a system is possible!
In the long run it certainly would penetrate the deepness of human understanding and make itself possible to come true in a consistent, coherent peaceful, viable and sustainable community life!
Not recently, perhaps, but in a mid-term time frame I myself am planing to launch a campaing to reach and leave as legacy some set of economics propositions to be refered to in the face of decision making juntion points.

In the mean time best regards and good luck to everyone involved in the process of this fruitful and stimulating on-line conference!..

20 11 2011

Hello, What about the certificate of attendance ?

20 11 2011

Hi Nusret
To receive the certificate you need to take part in next week’s post-conference survey and then you will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance.

20 11 2011
Muawya Ahmed

Thanks for organizers. It is a great job and it is done in a very proper way. We benifit alot and at last we communicate with the best economist and best group of commentators.

20 11 2011
Muawya Ahmed Hussein

Conflict-filled days of intellectual and academic debate are always passing quickly. As if we were in the unconscious and when we waked up, we were told how many days you have spent. We said some hour or hours. In fact they were very beautiful days where we met with excellent Economists who influenced our economic thinking and directed us to the hot issues in economics. Thanks to the organizers. We are waiting for the coming event.

Young economist – Muawya Ahmed Hussein

21 11 2011
Levi Pérez (@perezlevi)

Congrats! The event was a fantastic initiative and everything worked well

21 11 2011
Thembinkosi Zungu

This was great exposure as astudent I am really pleased and looking forward to other future presentations.

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