The following five invited papers will feature:

Each of the 5 main conference papers will be presented during the conference alongside commissioned commentaries, leading into a discussion between delegates, commentators and the author(s).  The papers and the commentaries will be freely available as PDFs and delegates can use the Comments feature on that article’s page to discuss the issues raised with the authors and commentators.

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20 09 2011

i like this topic,,,hope it would be faster,,lol

10 10 2011
emre guneser bozdag (@emreguneserbozd)

in the Third whats the meaning of “35,000 feet”
how I can read article?

11 10 2011

The papers will be released in real-time, so to speak, following the conference schedule. We are also looking into the possibility of posting abstracts in advance.

2 11 2011

please let me receive all your publication. can it be possible for a member like me to post or publish my article also

3 11 2011
Anton Viesel

You can sign up for email alerts to the right of the page – that way you will receive a notification whenever we publish new material on the conference website. The conference programme has been settled, so no further papers are being considered for inclusion. However, we encourage conference delegates to participate in the discussion of the papers and keynotes that will be presented (see the programme for more details).

9 11 2011

I’m still in quest for a complete denial of current economy systems capitalist or, alledged, socialist reversing the manifest axioms of system construction by embedding human in nature and vice versa by virtue of reason.
Notwithstanding some implications in papers, those all are of popular and contributing slight revisions to traditional views.
Perhaps such a break through may come from a circle not originally an economist!
Nevertheless thank you for allowing a forum to make arbitrary voices heard.

10 11 2011

I think it will be more reliable if we receive papers by e-mail before the conference starting, so we can prepare comments and discussion points.
Thank you for the initiative

10 11 2011
Anton Viesel

Thank you. We’re always interested in improving the online conference experience, and will take your suggestion into consideration for future conferences.

15 11 2011
Omofaiye Moses Amos

Bring it on wiley,I can’t wait to see the conference on its wheels

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