Publishing Workshops

The conference will include six invaluable publishing workshop podcasts and videocasts:

Photo of workshop

Picture courtesy of Jakob Reiter (Stefan Zweiker)

Also of interest to Chinese scholars, the Chinese Scholars Network, providing guidance and advice on getting published for Chinese scholars in the social sciences:

4 responses

8 11 2011
Muhammad Anees

I assume the publishing workshop does not make distinguish between a Native English Scholar and Non-Native, Non-English Speaker Scholar. The publishing is affected by the role of English level of the Scholar, so please highlight the role so non-native, Non-English scholars and students also benefit from this valuable medium and opportunity. Thank you.

10 11 2011
Anton Viesel

Thank you for your comment. This is certainly something we will want to consider for future conferences, even if it isn’t specifically addressed in the publishing workshops here.

16 11 2011
zaheer khan kakar

i ma desperately waiting for “on why and how to write review papers”.. i hope to get some thing really invaluable out of it…

16 11 2011
Anton Viesel

It’s out now – listen here!

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