Reading Room

Photo of British Museum Reading Room

Welcome to the Communications with Economists: Current and Future Trends Reading Room.

Throughout the conference we will be updating this page with three virtual issues featuring free journal articles from the Wiley Economics publishing programme. Each virtual issue will include articles on the topic of that day’s keynote.

These virtual issues will be available for 30 days after the conference.

Available now!

The Journal of Economic Surveys 25th Anniversary Virtual Issue

The Top 25 Papers in 25 Years: The Editors’ Cut

Journal of Economuc Surveys coverThe year 2011 represents the ‘Silver Jubilee’ – 25th year of publication – for the Journal of Economic Surveys. As part of the celebrations to mark this milestone, the Editors decided to create an additional, virtual, free to view*, Anniversary Issue which provides access to what we consider to be “The Top 25 Papers in 25 Years” that we have published in JoES. Click here to read this virtual issue online today.

* The articles featured in this 25th Anniversary Virtual Issue are freely available online until 31st December 2011.

Plus! Conference Discount

We are pleased to offer all delegates of this conference a 20% discount on all books on Look out for the discount code and instructions on how to order in the post-conference email!

3 responses

18 11 2011
Omofaiye Moses Amos

Thank you wiley,it was an exciting and knowledge-filled conference,I look forward to another one next year.

18 11 2011
Omofaiye Moses Amos


18 11 2011
Omofaiye Moses Amos


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