Econometrics Virtual Issue

On this the third and final day of the conference, we are delighted to offer all delegates a  Virtual Issue on Econometrics, featuring free journal articles from across the Wiley Economics publishing program.  This virtual issue will be available for 30 days after the conference has finished.  Simply click on the article titles below to read the papers online today.

Assessing the Scale and Potential of Chinese Investment Overseas: An Econometric Approach
Shiro Armstrong
China & World Economy

Special Issue: Special Issue on Factor Models: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives
Edited by: Pierre Perron and Richard J. Smith
The Econometrics Journal

Robbins on Economic Generalizations and Reality in the Light of Modern Econometrics

On the impact of trade on the industrial structures of nations
Daisuke Oyama, Yasuhiro Sato, Takatoshi Tabuchi, Jacques-François Thisse
International Journal of Economic Theory

From the Journal of Agricultural Economics:
Estimating a Primal Model of Regional Crop Supply in the European Union
Torbjörn Jansson, Thomas Heckelei

The Incidence of EU Per-Hectare Payments on Farmland Rental Rates: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of German Farm-Level Data
Gunnar Breustedt, Hendrik Habermann

Special Issue: Measurement and Analysis of Subjective Expectations
Edited by: Charles Bellemare and Charles F Manski
Journal of Applied Econometrics

Journal of Economic Surveys Volume 25, Number 1 features a themed section on time series econometrics
Read the editorial on Contributions on Time Series Econometrics by Les Oxley here.
Browse the full list of articles in the themed section here.

From the Journal of Economic Surveys Book Series:
Economics and History: Surveys in Cliometrics
Economics and History presents six state-of-the-art surveys from some of the leading scholars in cliometrics. The contributions are all written at an accessible level for the non-specialist reader and consider a broad range of issues from this highly topical area.
Read an excerpt here
Buy the book here

Combining Economic Forecasts by Using a Maximum Entropy Econometric Approach
Blanca Moreno and Ana Jesús López
Journal of Forecasting

Productivity analysis with CO2 emissions in Japan
Makiko Nakano and Shunsuke Managi
Pacific Economic Review

Explore the full Wiley Economics books and journals programme online at  Don’t forget!  All delegates who complete the post-conference survey will receive an official Certificate of Attendance and the Delegates Discount Code, entitling you to 20% off all books from

Also of Interest… 
The Econometric Society – An International Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory in its Relation to Statistics and Mathematics. 
Find out more here. 

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17 11 2011
Reminder: Free Journal Articles « Wiley Economics Online Conference

[…] Econometrics Virtual Issue […]

18 11 2011
Keynote: Trends in Econometrics « Wiley Economics Online Conference

[…] Econometrics Virtual Issue […]

18 11 2011

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