Poll: Economics app?

18 11 2011

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Reminder: Register for Certificate of Attendance

18 11 2011

Image of checked boxIt’s still not too late to register “officially” for the conference, even if you’ve already been taking part in the conference. If you register and take part in next week’s post-conference survey, you will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance. If you have not yet registered, we encourage you to sign up here.

Poll: which smartphone platform?

17 11 2011

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Poll: do you own a smartphone?

16 11 2011

We’d like to know whether you own a smartphone (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry). Please complete our quick poll and let us know.

Reminder: Comment of the Day Award

16 11 2011

Image of medalA crucial feature of the online conference is discussion among and between delegates and presenters.

We will be awarding a daily prize of $75/£50 worth of Wiley books to recognize the “best comment” made by a delegate during each 24-hour period. The first award will be announced on Thursday 17 November at 13:00 GMT.

We hope to see a very high level of discussion specifically in response to the keynotes, papers, commentaries and workshops and strongly encourage you to respond to these with considered, substantive comments. We look forward to reading your contributions.

Online economics conference starts this week

14 11 2011

Picture of runner starting off blocks

We are very pleased to announce that the 3-day Wiley Economics Online Conference starts this week – on Wednesday 16 November 2011!

To get the most out of the conference, we encourage you to register and sign up for email alerts, check out the conference programme (PDF), spread the word on facebook and twitter (#joes2011), read the book of abstracts and, if you’re unsure about the commenting feature, take a look at our participants’ guide – we’re awarding a daily “best comment” award throughout the conference.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for the three days. The conference is free, available to all, and can, of course, be accessed at any time of day. Feedback is welcome, so if you do have any questions, please contact us on twitter or leave a comment below.

Out now – conference programme, participants’ guide and book of abstracts

9 11 2011

There’s just over a week to go until the online conference begins next week! In the meantime, we are pleased to release the final version of the conference programme, a participants’ guide and a complete book of abstracts.

Schedule of events buttonCommunications with Economists: Current and Future Trends

16-18 November 2011

You can still register for free on the site, allowing you take advantage of:

If everything’s working, you should be able to see the book of abstracts at the foot of this post (click on “expand” to read and navigate) – if not, you can also find the booklet here.

We’d be very grateful for any feedback – let us know what you think in the comments below – and, if there’s anyone you know who might be intersted but hasn’t signed up yet, please spread the word by sharing via email, twitter (hashtag #joes2011) or facebook (see the handy “share this” buttons below). We have more than 1,500 registered delegates to date, but the more participants, the more engaging we hope the discussions will be.