Reminder: Book Discount

18 11 2011

Image of book coverDelegates will receive a 20% discount code on books available at in the post-conference email. To receive the email (and discount code), please register with the conference, if you haven’t done so already.

Wiley publishes an extensive programme of economics and econometrics books, which you can browse on our economics pages; titles include A Companion to Economic Forecasting, co-edited by today’s keynote lecturer, Prof. David Hendry.

Workshop: The Future of Publishing

18 11 2011

Image of silver starPresenter: Philip Carpenter, Wiley-Blackwell

Full title: The Future of Publishing

To listen to this workshop – examining the shape of things to come in social science publishing – click on the “play” button below-left. You can leave a response in the comments box at the foot of this page or by clicking on the grey bar along the bottom of the soundcloud player below. Read the rest of this entry »

Workshop: Bibliometrics / Rankometrics

18 11 2011

Image of silver starPresenter: Les Oxley, University of Canterbury

Full Title: A Workshop on “Rankometrics”: or what’s good and what’s downright dangerous about using bibliometrics

To follow Prof. Oxley’s workshop, click on the “play” button below to begin. By clicking on the symbol in the bottom-right corner of the slideshare player (the four arrows pointing outwards), you can see the presentation in full screen, which will improve legibility of some slides that carry tables.

Please do – as always – leave your responses to the workshop in the comments box at the foot of this post. We will be awarding one more “comment of the day” awards before the end of the conference: Wiley books worth £50/$75. Read the rest of this entry »

Poll: Research4Life

17 11 2011

Wiley-Blackwell is a partner of the UN’s Research4Life programme (R4L), which provides institutions in LDCs with free or low-cost online access to research journals. The R4L programme consists of four projects:

  • HINARI Access to Research in Health
  • AGORA Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture
  • OARE Online Access to Research in the Environmen
  • ARDI Access to Research for Development and Innovation

Many of Wiley’s economics journals are free to access through this programme – for instance the Journal of Economic Surveys is included in the HINARI initiative, which means dozens of countries are eligible for free access.

Are you aware of the programme? If not, and you live or work in an eligible country, please encourage your institution’s librarian to sign up (registration details are provided on each programme’s page). If you have had any experience with R4L or have any comments, please let us know in the comments box below.

Reminder: Free Journal Articles

17 11 2011

Wiley Online Library logoRemember, you have free access to some papers published across Wiley-Blackwell’s portfolio of economics journals on Wiley Online Library.

So far we’ve released virtual issues on the 2011 Economics Nobel Prize winners, the Journal of Economic Surveys 25th anniversary and on:

Tomorrow we’ll be making a final virtual issue available: on econometrics.

Workshop: How to Survive the Review Process

17 11 2011

Image of silver starPresenter: Greg Maney, Hofstra University

Full title: How to Survive the Review Process

Click on the “play” button to listen to Prof. Maney’s workshop. Let us know your experiences of the review process below. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Publishing in International Journals in Economics’ Sessions at the EEA-ESEM 2011 and ESWC 2010 – Watch the videos here!

17 11 2011

Publishing in International Journals in Economics Sessions – A guide for Scholars on how to get your work published

At both the EEA-ESEM 2011 in Oslo and the ESWC 2010 in Shanghai, Wiley has hosted very popular ‘Publishing in International Journals in Economics’ sessions, offering delegates invaluable opportunities to gain insight in to the processes of scientific publishing, and to share experiences with colleagues. Here we are delighted to share the videos from these events with all of the Wiley Economics Online Conference delegates, with thanks to the speakers.

To watch the videos from the session at EEA-ESEM 2011, including a presentation from Prof. Daron Acemoglu (Editor of Econometrica) on How to get Published, and a presentation from Prof. Fabrizio Zilibotti (Editor, the Journal of the European Economic Association) on Publishing for Impact, please click here.

To watch the videos from the session at ESWC 2010, please click here. The speakers and their topics at this session were:

Ms Xiaoming Feng, Managing Editor, China & World Economy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences spoke on Opportunities for Chinese scholars to publish in international journals in economics.

Professor M Hashem Pesaran Editor, Journal of Applied Econometrics spoke on How to get published and formulating your article: Standards and criteria.

Professor Fabrizio Zilibotti, Editor, the Journal of the European Economic Association spoke on The value of publishing in the career of academic economists.

Professor Orazio Attanasio, Managing Editor, Quantitative Economics spoke on New publishing models for economics, and open access publishing.