Winning Comment – Day 3

21 11 2011

Image of medalWe’re delighted to announce the winner of the third and final “comment of the day” award: Aldona Zawojska, who commented on David Hendry‘s keynote Trends in Econometrics.

Aldona offers some thoughtful insights coming from David Hendry’s keynote and asks some interesting questions. David Hendry acknowledges Aldona’s comment to be interesting in his reply.

Congratulations to Aldona Zawojska, who receives $75/£50 worth of Wiley books!

The Wrap – Day 3 – thank you and goodbye!

18 11 2011

Picture of newspapersThis is the last post from the conference team. We hope you’ve enjoyed the conference and found the keynotes, papers, commentaries and other materials useful and the discussions stimulating. Thank you for your participation.

If you had trouble viewing any of the videos, we’ve since added audio recordings (alongside the slides), which should be compatible with any computer. This is relevant to Prof. Hendry’s keynote, linked to below, and to Prof. Stanley’s keynote.

The best comment for Day 2 was awarded to Margaret Giles, for her comment on Prof. Viscui’s paper on Value of Statistical Life. Here’s a summary of what else happened on the last day of the conference: Read the rest of this entry »

Reminder: Book Discount

18 11 2011

Image of book coverDelegates will receive a 20% discount code on books available at in the post-conference email. To receive the email (and discount code), please register with the conference, if you haven’t done so already.

Wiley publishes an extensive programme of economics and econometrics books, which you can browse on our economics pages; titles include A Companion to Economic Forecasting, co-edited by today’s keynote lecturer, Prof. David Hendry.

Winning Comment – Day 2

18 11 2011

Image of medalWe’re delighted to announce the winner of the second “comment of the day” award: Margaret Giles, who commented on Kip Vicusi’s paper Value of Statistical Life.

Margaret makes excellent comments on Kip Viscusi’s paper. She has also received a  reply from Tom Stanley on the relevance of meta-analysis to the questions she raised and has made a number of highly relevant comments on a number of papers. We thank Margaret for being such an active delegate of the conference!

Congratulations to Margaret Giles, who receives $75/£50 worth of Wiley books.

The Wrap – Day 2

17 11 2011

Picture of newspapersThis is the last post on the second day of the conference, but we’ll continue to moderate and approve comments throughout the day and night. A preview of day 3 will be up in a couple of hours and then the final keynote is released at 09.00 GMT.

The first two days have been phenomenally successful – more than 4,500 page views and 140+comments – and we hope they have also been enjoyable for all delegates. We would like once again to express our gratitude to everyone who has participated and made the conference possible.

Today’s summary of events follows: Read the rest of this entry »

Reminder: Free Journal Articles

17 11 2011

Wiley Online Library logoRemember, you have free access to some papers published across Wiley-Blackwell’s portfolio of economics journals on Wiley Online Library.

So far we’ve released virtual issues on the 2011 Economics Nobel Prize winners, the Journal of Economic Surveys 25th anniversary and on:

Tomorrow we’ll be making a final virtual issue available: on econometrics.

‘Publishing in International Journals in Economics’ Sessions at the EEA-ESEM 2011 and ESWC 2010 – Watch the videos here!

17 11 2011

Publishing in International Journals in Economics Sessions – A guide for Scholars on how to get your work published

At both the EEA-ESEM 2011 in Oslo and the ESWC 2010 in Shanghai, Wiley has hosted very popular ‘Publishing in International Journals in Economics’ sessions, offering delegates invaluable opportunities to gain insight in to the processes of scientific publishing, and to share experiences with colleagues. Here we are delighted to share the videos from these events with all of the Wiley Economics Online Conference delegates, with thanks to the speakers.

To watch the videos from the session at EEA-ESEM 2011, including a presentation from Prof. Daron Acemoglu (Editor of Econometrica) on How to get Published, and a presentation from Prof. Fabrizio Zilibotti (Editor, the Journal of the European Economic Association) on Publishing for Impact, please click here.

To watch the videos from the session at ESWC 2010, please click here. The speakers and their topics at this session were:

Ms Xiaoming Feng, Managing Editor, China & World Economy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences spoke on Opportunities for Chinese scholars to publish in international journals in economics.

Professor M Hashem Pesaran Editor, Journal of Applied Econometrics spoke on How to get published and formulating your article: Standards and criteria.

Professor Fabrizio Zilibotti, Editor, the Journal of the European Economic Association spoke on The value of publishing in the career of academic economists.

Professor Orazio Attanasio, Managing Editor, Quantitative Economics spoke on New publishing models for economics, and open access publishing.